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Epic Mealtime Cooks For a Soup Kitchen

What happens when the Epic Meal Time crew decides to volunteer at a soup kitchen? The people who come to the kitchen for a hot meal get something a little more...filling than the usual lunch.

Harley Morenstein and the gang decide to volunteer at Someone Cares in Costa Mesa, California, where they cook a fast food lasagna, angry French Canadians (a meat sandwich with lots of maple syrup), and a turboconepic. 

What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is a turboconepic, anyway?  It's five birds stuffed inside each other. Then stuffed into a whole pig, which is roasted for about six hours.

The result? An unusual and tasty meal for clients of Someone Cares and a message to us all. As Morenstein says, "We're douchebags and we came and we volunteered. So what's your excuse?"