Fast Food

Florida Woman Gives Birth to Son at McDonald's

It's no surprise that McDonald's can whip up a Big Mac five minutes after ordering, but this Lake Wales Micky D's can also deliver a baby boy in that time too.

On the way to a doctor's appointment last Monday, 20-year-old Shardonnay Hill asked her grandmother to quickly stop at the McDonald's on Central Avenue in Lake Wales to use the restroom. Then she went into labor.

"Get some boxes, and let's flatten them out and get her to lay down," Hill's grandmother told the staff. "She can't have the baby over the toilet.'"

With the help of three employees and the Polk county 911 dispatcher, Hill gave birth to a baby boy five minutes into the call. Officially named Joshua, the newborn's aunt explains that the boy will forever be nicknamed Ronald to honor the heroism of the McDonald's staff and because it's also his mother's favorite restaurant.

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Only six months pregnant, Hill's delivery was fast. But once the baby boy emerged, he was not breathing or crying. It was then that a McDonald's employee burst open the amniotic sac and rubbed the infant's back under direction of the 911 dispatcher.

He started breathing, moving, and changed color to everyone's relief. The paramedics soon arrived and rushed the mother and child to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Davenport.

The heroic staff was later identified as Catherine Page, Phylis Tirado, and Jessica Robtouch.

And to think, they did all that with no purchase necessary.