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Pizza Hut's Cheese-Scented Valentine's Day Package: Win One

If you've been procrastinating about Valentine's Day and are about to just shove an ITunes Gift Card and a candy heart into a bag and call it a day, Pizza Hut may just be your saving grace.

They've come up with a new promotion guaranteed to send your lover into a swoon -- provided he or she loves the scent of fresh pizza, that is.

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The company wants to send your Valentine a Last Minute Lover's Package, which includes a $20 gift card redeemable for the new Pizza Hut Big Pizza Sliders or a Lover's Pizza --plus a bottle of Eau de Pizza Hut!

Say what? Oh yes -- that elusive pizza-scented perfume, available for a limited time in Canada, has arrived in the United States -- in time for the big day.

You can't buy this package (thankfully) -- but you can win it.

Just plead you case on the company's Twitter account @PizzaHut using hashtag #LastMinuteLovers. Two dozen prizes each day will be awarded today and tomorrow and will be overnighted to your door -- just in time for a pretty cheesy Valentine!