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Martin Scorsese Tells Conan He Almost Killed Leonardo DiCaprio With Sushi (Video)

Method actors are a dedicated lot. In the quest for authenticity, these actors have been known to gain (or lose) half their body weight for roles, train with the military, and live in remote terrain. Sometimes there are casualties, like when Johnny Depp fell off a horse while filming The Lone Ranger or when Leonardo DiCaprio ate too many pieces of yellowtail.

Say what?

Yup. Yellowtail. On last night's Conan, Martin Scorsese dishes on how Leonardo DiCaprio nearly overdosed on sushi during the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Turns out Jonah Hill changed a scene where he snags the last piece of sushi to have Leo take the last piece. As Leonardo eats the sushi (and the scene), director Martin Scorsese realizes there are about four more hours of takes he needs and advises the actor not to actually eat the sushi. Whether DiCaprio was hungry or just really into his craft we'll never know, but the actor insisted on eating the sushi take after take.

Scorsese describes the ensuing carnage, "after about eight or nine takes, he was on the floor retching." The famous director described the heartthrob as "filled with saliva and vomit." Kinda makes us really root for him to win the Best Actor award at Oscar time!

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