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Ten Best Thai Restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Every nationality is known for a different specialty: Italians makes perfect pastas; Japanese can work magic with raw fish; Argentineans consume copious amounts of beef; the French can make something delicious from any imaginable animal part.

And when it comes to signature cuisines across the world it's all over the board. Some are spicy. Some are all about the meat. Others are heavy on the rice.

Thai food, however, incorporates a little bit of everything; it's sweet, spicy, savory, and salty all at once.

With the abundance of Thai joints (or more specifically Thai-sushi) in South Florida, it's rare to hear someone utter the words, "I don't like Thai."

Even with all the options and the love, we all have our favorite spots.

Want to know how yours stacks up?

Here are the ten best Thai restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach County.

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10. Siam House Thailand Restaurant

Set in the back corner of a shopping center on 17 Street Causeway (just down the mall from Carlos and Pepes), this wood adorned restaurant serves some of the most authentic Thai dishes that can be found in the Fort Lauderdale area. With an inexpensive buffet lunch and easy-on-the-wallet a la carte dinner options, anyone can enjoy a taste of Siam, even on a serious budget. Curries -- ranging from green to panang to rarer country curry -- start at just $9.50. Larb gai, a ground chicken salad with a spicy lime dressing, is just $7.95. A massive plate of fried rice starts at $7.50. With great food and low prices, it's definitely worth a try.

9. Lemon Grass Asian Bistro

Lemon Grass is swank, but the price is right. It offers an expansive selection -- we're talking eight pages -- of Japanese and Southeast Asian cuisine its serene dining rooms and outdoor patios. But it's the Thai dishes that have us revisiting it over and over again. It's Thai basil stir fry is piquant and pungent. Panang curry is so tasty, you'll want to lick your plate. The drunken noodles will have you high off ecstasy. With four locations throughout Broward and Palm Beach (Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Delray Beach), an inexpensive yet lavish meal is never too far away.