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The Cast of Stomp to Perform at Whole Foods Wednesday -- Using Vegetables and Cans as Drums

Have you ever watched that Michael Bublé music video where the entire grocery store breaks out into a dance? Have you ever thought about organizing a supermarket choreographed dance on your own? It's okay, we have too. Unfortunately, on January 2, someone will be beating you to it.

The cast of Stomp will be visiting Whole Foods in Coral Springs to perform.

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Before heading off to perform for paying guests at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, the cast of Stomp will be making a short pit-stop at Whole Foods in Coral Springs to rehearse for money-spending-organic-loving shoppers. Expect to see pumpkin bongos, can drums, and steel-pan soup warmer kettles. That's right, percussionists will be playing random objects and products throughout the store--by far the most creative means of product placement we have heard of yet. It's okay if you're jealous.

Yeah, we know it's a strange combination, but it's for charity. The performers will be present to pick up customer can donations for Broward Outreach Center of Pompano Beach. For the past month, the store has been offering $5 discounts to the Stomp show for customers willing to donate canned foods. Little did they know, they could have watched the grocery store version for free. The performance open to the public. Donations will still be gladly accepted.

The performance will start on Wednesday, January 2, at 11:30 a.m.