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Five Must-Try Vegan Desserts at Trader Joe's

Dessert might be the most daunting of gauntlets for vegans. So many mouthwatering baked goods -- almost all chock-full of eggs, milk, and other animal byproducts. Temptation is everywhere, so what's an herbivore to do?

Trader Joe's to the rescue. The foodie paradise stocks plenty of vegan-friendly sweets to satisfy. Now that they're open in Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach (and coming soon to Boca Raton, Pembroke Pines, and Fort Lauderdale), you can fill your pantry with all kinds of affordable sugar-stuffs, including these five.

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Dark Chocolate Pound Plus Bar

Who needs a pound of chocolate? You do. Their infamous megabar of rich, creamy indulgence is good for everything from baking brownies to making vegan s'mores to melting in hot cocoa. You need at least one of these heifers in the cupboard at all times.