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2013 Readers' Poll Finalists: Voting Ends May 29

Every year, the New Times Broward-Palm Beach staff goes to great lengths to find the very best of everything - from burgers to thrift stores - so that we can let you, our dear readers, know all about them.

But we also know you've got opinions of your own, which is why, as part of our Best Of issue, we include our annual Readers' Poll. The poll opened for nominations is April and last week we shut it down, tallied up the noms, and came up with five finalists in each category.

As usual, some of your nominations took us by surprise, other we nodded and agreed with, and one or two we said, "Seriously?!" (We'll never tell which is which!)

ActivistArtistA and Ink and Pistons Tattoo are battling it out for Best Art Gallery.

Many of you must really love the new iPic Theaters at Mizner Park because it's up against everyone's favorite art house theater, Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale.

For Best Drag Queen you've nominated Daisy Deadpetals, Misty Eyez, Nicolette

Diva, and Twat LaRouge. Oh, how we wish an actual catwalk battle could ensue.

Instead, we'll have to content ourselves with watching your votes tally up - after all, the Readers' Poll belongs to you. Got an issue with our Ten Best Burgers list? Think there was a fatal omission from Top Ten Mexican Restaurant?

We know you do, it's not like you keep it to yourselves the rest of the year.

See if your favorite is a Readers' Choice finalist and vote for them, but do it quick!

As of this morning, the 2013 Readers' Poll is officially re-opened but the book closes forever on May 29. You can vote, whether you came out for the primaries or not. Our voting system is so quick and simple, even with over 60 categories, it shouldn't take you more than couple of minutes.

The results will be published in our 2013 Best of Broward-Palm Beach issue on June 13. Check out previous winners and download our 'Best of' app here.