"Putas Love Spring Break": Is T-Shirt an Example of Slut-Shaming?

This past Sunday night, a group of friends decided to check out some of the cheap drink specials during Fort Lauderdale's spring break scene at Off the Hookah. But the fun took a nosedive when one member of the group noticed something on the T-shirts worn by several people at the popular hangout.

The phrase “PUTAS LOVE SPRING BREAK” was emblazoned on those T-shirts, which were worn by cheery staff as they delivered drinks to the patrons scattered around the venue.

One of the group members, who gave her name as Kathy B., was incensed. She became even more infuriated when those T-shirts were passed out to the crowd, like one big, sexist joke everyone there was forced to participate in.

“At first, I thought the people wearing the shirts were just spring breakers, but when I realized it was the actual staff, I couldn't believe it,” Kathy B. tells New Times. “I told the manager I felt they were offensive and insulting to be calling women 'whores.'”

But according to Kathy B., the manager wasn't too concerned about her feminist feelings and explained the shirts were all in good fun. We reached out to Off the Hookah but did not get a response.
“As a woman, we're objectified and slut-shamed so much already in this spring break culture,” Kathy B. says. “This type of thinking is what leads to men fondling women in clubs, grabbing them, asking them to show their boobs, and hit on them when they're obviously not interested. And that's what I think the shirt promotes.”

Apparently, somebody had such a good time wearing the T-shirt, they didn't even change before getting on a plane the next day: