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Epic Fight at Sawgrass Mills Food Court Leaves One Bloodied

Most of the time when you hear about a subway fight, the details do not include sandwich artists — but last Friday at the Sawgrass Mills Mall, that's exactly how it all went down. The Sunrise Police Department confirmed to New Times that there was in fact a police report filed for the incident that left one Subway employee bleeding from her neck. The fight happened between a group of Subway employees at Sawgrass Mills food court last week, but details on the report are not yet known.

Video shows an increasingly angry Subway employee challenging multiple coworkers to a fight, throwing punches, and eventually throwing what appears to be a bread-slicing knife across the restaurant at an unidentified coworker. In the end of the video, you can see her being restrained, with an obvious wound on her neck of some sort. 

What's not yet clear is what started the Subway squabble, or if anyone was arrested for the fight.

Videos of the incident popped up all over Twitter during the weekend. Sunrise Police Department would not say whether there had been an arrest, just that a fight indeed occurred, and a report was filed. 

New Times has reached out to the people who posted these videos of the incident, and we will update this post as new details come in.