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Twitter Users React to News of George Zimmerman's Near-Shooting

Somebody almost shot George Zimmerman in the face and the internet laughed.

Zimmerman isn't exactly the most loved man in the country (although he definitely has his fans). But the Florida man who seems to keep getting in trouble ever since he was acquitted of second-degree murder for killing unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin became a trending topic yet again and the hashtag #WhenIHeardZimmermanGotShot dredged up thousands of people's hatred — and humor — for one of America's most infamous people.

Memes and gifs featuring Denzel, Beyoncé, and the Biebs were out in full force to express the joy some people had for Zimmerman taking some glass in the face following a road rage incident where a man named Matthew Apperson apparently shot into Zimmerman's truck, narrowly missing his head.

But others weren't quite as ecstatic and added "but didn't die" to the hashtag.

Conservative media wasn't as thrilled. Hot Air lamented the reaction not only on Twitter but the alleged media reaction that the shooting was Zimmerman's fault. And Michelle Malkin's Twichy site tsk-tsked the jokes that were made at Zimmerman's expense.

While Zimmerman might not be getting a lot of love on Twitter, it seems he will be OK despite getting shot at. Matthew Apperson admits to shooting at Zimmerman and called police shortly after the incident. Apperson's attorney, Mark NeJame, told reporters his client "simply maintained that he acted in self-defense... We see everything to suggest that is correct and nothing to suggest otherwise, but we do not think it is appropriate to get into any of the facts specifically right now."

Apperson and Zimmerman have a history of road rage entanglements and 911 calls