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David Beckham Drinks Whisky With Jimmy Kimmel, Takes a Bad Selfie (Video)

There are times when it seems like David Beckham can't possibly be human.

After all, what real flesh and blood person can actually be a world-class footballer, model, husband, father, and UNICEF ambassador and still find the time to develop a fine Scotch whisky with partner Simon Fuller?

The Scotch, by the way, is the ultra-tony Haig Club, a single-grain Scotch that comes in a gorgeous blue decanter and retails for about $60.

So is Beckham a real person or the most attractive droid on the planet? Does this perfect specimen have any fault? Can he take a bad selfie?
Talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel posed this and other seemingly dumb questions to Beckham recently over a round of drinks.

In his "Three Ridiculous Questions" segment, Kimmel asks Beckham a few things you never thought you wanted to know about the footballer. Burning questions like: "What fruit could you kick the furthest?" (it's not a coconut); "What's your favorite spice?"; and "Can you take a bad selfie?"

Does Beckham want to pummel a grape? Does he think cumin is the cat's meow? And can the man take a bad picture? The answers lie in this video. Enjoy!

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