Local Talent Comes Together for a Good Cause This Weekend at Jump the Shark

On any given weekend you can walk into Fort Lauderdale's Jump the Shark and expect to find a loud and bright smorgasbord of art and music. And this weekend is no different. The Shark Valley Sisters are bringing its raw, attitudinal rock to a wonderfully eclectic line-up at Jewel’s Squeaky Wheels Get the Grease Fundraiser at Jump The Shark this Saturday evening.

The bill also includes a Polynesian dancer, stand-up comedy courtesy of Manny Garavito, the happily hysteric Dooms de Pop, and swamp stompers Boise Bob and the Backyard Band. Proceeds from the show will be going to help the recovery of Jewel Sanchez, local proprietor of the online vintage and artwork shop Thrift N Shout Workshop, who suffered a severe spinal injury several years ago in a freak swimming pool accident.

“Jewel contacted us and asked if we'd participate,” says Rob Elba, vocalist of Shark Valley Sisters. “I knew a little about her story but when I dug deeper I was really inspired by her strength and positive attitude with all she's dealt with, so of course we wanted to do whatever we could to help her raise some money and get the word out about her story.”

Jewel has applied the punk “do it yourself” ethos to her recovery, defying doctors limited expectations through stem cell treatment and intense physical therapy.

It wasn't hard to bring together the lineup for such a good cause. "There's a close-knit scene down here, and people seem to genuinely care about other things besides there own stupid band," Elba says. "In a way it's one big dysfunctional family, and I really do believe it's special.” But this isn’t the case everywhere, as Elba explains. “I played in a band up in Boston in the '80's, and believe me, most bands in that scene didn't give a shit about anyone else or their struggles.”
Attendees can also expect to hear some tunes from Shark Valley Sisters' fantastically ferocious recent concept album Vera. It's an album that Elba describes as, “essentially about what happens when someone who has based their whole life on faith suddenly realizes they may have been had.” Elba is keen to note that a couple of covers will be thrown in the band's Saturday set, and “it will be loud."

This will be a positive, raucous synergy of some of South Florida’s finest, all for the worthiest of causes. $5 could not be better spent this weekend.

Jewel’s Squeaky Wheels Get The Grease Fundraiser. 9 p.m. Saturday, May23, at Jump the Shark, 810 NE 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale. Cover is $5. Visit Facebook for more info.