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Florida Beer: B. Rabbit Espresso Stout From Copperpoint Brewing Company

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This week, we're taking a look at a beer from a brewery that has been open for only about two weeks. I generally like to give a bit of time for brewers to get accustomed to their brand new systems, but this beer in particular from an experienced brewer was hard to resist. The B. Rabbit Espresso Stout from Copperpoint Brewing Company in Boynton Beach has so far hit all the right spots for what a coffee infused beer should be.

The beer is made with a generous amount of coffee from local Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. out of Riviera Beach. Owner and brewer Matt Cox confessed that the beer came out of his desire to put on a darker beer for opening day. He decided on an espresso stout, and this was the result.

It clocks in at just about 6.3% abv. The beer pours what appears to be a solid black with a cascading Guinness-like quality to it (thanks nitro!), providing both a drink and a show. A centimeter thick crown of khaki foam stays put throughout the entirety of a pint, and it leaves a tremendous amount of lacing on the glass. Held up to a strong light source, however, and we're met with a reddish garnet hue. Quite the sight to be had.

Aromas are redolent of nougat, cream-infused coffee, and chopped English chocolate. The mouthfeel, unsurprisingly for a beer off nitro, is quite creamy, with a milky and silky English chocolate character to it. On the back end, there is some lingering fresh creamy coffee flavors, with no strong bitterness nor astringency to be had. It reminds me of a well brewed cup of Aeropress made coffee.

Currently, the B. Rabbit Espresso Stout is available only at the Copperpoint taproom, and not for growler fills. Blame the nitro if you please, but I don't believe it should be had any other way. 

Copperpoint Brewing Company is located at 151 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach. Call 561-508-7676, or visit copperpointbrewingcompany.com.

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