Five Reasons Dwyane Wade Should Stay In Miami

When Dwyane Wade signed a two-year deal worth $31,125,000 with the Heat last summer, fans were shocked. The shocking part wasn't that Wade was sticking with the only team he's ever known in his 12-year career, but that he was re-upping for an estimated $10 million less than what he was expected to make in 2015. The move to take less so that the Heat could rebound on-the-fly from the departure of LeBron James was met with universal praise, as well as many questions as to if he was doing right by himself. In reality, Wade was giving the Heat a loan, and what seems to be happening now is Wade is ready for repayment — but the Heat wants to push the reimbursement down the line.

You can imagine how that makes Wade feel; can you blame him for being a little upset at this point? Regardless of how negotiations are going, Wade should budge a bit on his demands, because Miami is obviously the place he needs to finish his NBA career. 

Wade has already cemented his legacy as one of the greatest guards in NBA history 
This is not a situation where Dwyane Wade needs to leave Miami to chase rings in some other city, hanging on as a sixth-man — Dwyane Wade has three-rings to his name already. Not much else will Wade has accomplished in his career if he is to leave Miami to do it. If Wade tags along to LeBron in Cleveland or Chris Paul in LA he will be seen as a piece, not the reason, akin to how Ray Allen was during his time with the Heat. Wade is above ring chasing. 

Wade has an opportunity to finish his career in one place; that's a rarity in sports these days. 
Not even Michael Jordan accomplished this rarity; Wade has a chance to stick with the team that drafted him, possibly some fifteen years later. In these days of free agency and players having more power to bolt from a city than ever, it's super-rare to see a player stay in one city for his entire professional career. The fact that the Miami Heat have two players that can accomplish this, with Udonis Haslem also being one of the longest same-team tenured players in the league, says something about the franchise and their track record of loyalty to the player, and vice-versa.

Staying with the Heat would undoubtedly be the path to the most future earnings
If it's money that Dwyane Wade is looking for, staying in Miami is the place he will find the most in the long-run. Not including his endorsement deals and what is coming to Wade over the next few years, he has made over $132 million playing basketball with the Miami Heat. A life after basketball with the organization could mean ten's of million more, for as long as he may choose — that's not a given to happen elsewhere, or if he bolts from Miami on a sour note this offseason. He might not need the money, but if it's money he so desires — the most rests in Miami. 

His kids are just getting used to living in Miami full-time
Sure, Wade is rich and moving his family across the United States will be easy; but staying in Miami would be a lot easier. Wade's sons are getting older, and his oldest son is heavily involved in youth basketball leagues in the area — so moving wouldn't be ideal. Wade's kids used to split time between Miami and Chicago, but now are mainly in Miami since his divorce — why uproot them over something can be figured out easily?

Miami Heat fans have supported him his entire career
If the Miami Heat organization might not value Wade's loyalty and trust as much as he would like, but the Miami Heat fans do. Dwyane Wade is rivaled only by Dan Marino in South Florida sports history, and his staying for the next three years would be a beautiful thing to witness. He is our Derek Jeter. One day Wade won't be on the roster, but that day shouldn't come before it has to. Wade should turn his attention to the fans, and consider his local legacy when deciding whats most important to him.