Fort Lauderdale's For the Love Music Festival Announces 2016 Date

Last February, Exposed PR and C&I Studios joined forces to put on the first For the Love music festival. The event brought just about every local band south of Orlando (more than 30 live acts) to Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village for an entire day of art, beer, and — of course — music. Lakeland's Copeland came down to close the show.

For the Love was really the first of its kind in Broward County. Devoting an entire music festival to local musicians is something that rarely happens anywhere — and especially in Broward County. 

And for a first-year festival, C&I and Exposed pulled it off quite nicely. Which is why you should be pretty darned excited that they're going to do it all again.
Plans for the 2016 For the Love music festival are in full swing, and while it's still far away and details are sparse, we do have a date: Saturday, March 12, 2016.

If February's For the Love was any indication, you're going to want to slap a big, fat, red "X" on that day in your calendar. 

Though tickets aren't yet on sale, nor is the lineup solidified, it's good to hear that the wheels have begun turning on For the Love 2016. Stay updated through C&I's Facebook page and Exposed PR's Facebook page.