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Shaquille O'Neal to Host Fundraiser for Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel isn't really facing too much serious opposition in his run for a second term as the high law in Broward County. But even though the politics are stacked in his favor, that doesn't mean Team Israel isn't bringing out the big celebrity-endorsement guns. This month, none other than former NBAer and law enforcement fanboy Shaquille O'Neal is hosting a fundraiser for the sheriff. 

According to the flier below — unearthed by — Shaq and the sheriff are getting together with Israel supporters on July 16 in Southwest Ranches. The flier identifies the basketball big-man great as "NBA Legend, Entertainer, Philanthropist, and Sworn Law Enforcement Officer" (but fails to mention he's also kind of a creep; but more on that later). The real noteworthy thing about the fundraiser: the price tag. According to the flier, it'll cost a minimum $2,500 donation to attend. 

This isn't the first time Shaq has expressed his love for the Broward sheriff. In May, Shaq cut the below video announcing his endorsement of Israel for a second term. Once again, he boasted of his law enforcement bona fides when recommending Israel for the gig. 

"Hey, it's me Shaq, and I'm proud to be an honorary cochair of the reelection campaign for my good friend, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel," he says in the clip. "Listen to the big fella. I am a swore Florida law enforcement officer, and I care about safe streets."

Shaq has also giving Israel a couple of shoutouts on live TV.

That said, let's not forget that Shaq doesn't exactly have a squeaky-clean record personally, despite his avowed respect for law enforcement. In fact, as this 2011 New Times cover story discovered, Shaq has been accused of using his clout with law enforcement buddies as leverage against ex-girlfriends and employees

Of course, no one likes to dive into that aspect of the Shaq attack.