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Lil Wayne Kicked Off Fort Lauderdale Flight for Lighting Joint

Reports are saying that Lil Wayne lit a joint on a private jet moments after takeoff from Fort Lauderdale, but the plane's pilot was having none of that, turned the jet around, and landed back on the tarmac, where Weezy and his entourage were kicked off the flight.

According to TMZ, the flight had been in the air a good 17 minutes Tuesday when Lil Wayne and his crew decided they wanted to fire up a sticky. They were told to put their joints out, but they refused, the report says.

In photos provided in the report, Wayne was also apparently spotted with a big drinking cup, which, according to sources, contained a purple liquid which may have been Sizzurp. (Sizzurp is a drink concoction usually made with prescription cough syrup, soda, and candy. It also goes by the name Purple Drank.)

The photo also appears to show Weezy holding what looks like a blunt between his fingers.

No word yet on what happened with Lil Wayne's flight or of he and his entourage were allowed to board the plane again. No word either from local authorities on the matter.

Wayne has been in the news recently after an indictment linked some of his friends, rappers Bryan "Birdman" Williams and Jeffrey "Young Thug" Williams, to a tour bus shooting in Atlanta in April. A recent indictment suggests that the tour bus shootings may have been a hit attempt on Wayne.

According to the indictment, a man named Jimmy Winfrey, a supposed member of the Bloods street gang, allegedly shot at the tour bus. The indictment goes on to say that the shooting may have been motivated by Lil Wayne's desire to break his contract with Cash Money, a record label headed by Williams.