Artist's "Pop-Up Church of Scientology" Features Naked Tom Cruise Statue

Daniel Edwards is an American sculptor known for his what-the-bleep-inducing artwork that includes such classic works such as nude Britney Spears on a Bearskin Rug While Giving Birth, a topless Sen. Hillary Clinton, Suri’s Bronzed Baby Poop, and something called a Paris Hilton autopsy.  

Now his Nude Shroud of Tom Cruise piece of art will be unveiled as a "tribute" to the actor's 25th anniversary with the Church of Scientology. The piece is ostensibly part of a commitment ceremony honoring Cruise's involvement with the church. The silver anniversary unveilng will take place at a "Pop-up Church of Scientology" near the church's Clearwater headquarters. 

Edwards worked with Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) in St. Petersburg on the piece, which stretches approximately 14 by three feet. The piece goes in, um, great detail, as it features a silver image of a naked Tom Cruise — both front and back — totally naked, sporting some amazingly well-groomed genitalia. Cruise stands with his hands on the Scientology cross placed on his chest. 

CACA was also the host of the bronze statue Fat Albert Cries for Dr. Huxtable by teenaged sculptor Rodman Edwards (it's unclear if this is Daniel's son). It depicts a naked Cosby as Dr. Huxtable from the Cosby Show, with miniature Fat Albert covering his man parts. 

The Church of Scientology "Silver Anniversary Medal" will also be given to Tom Cruise and will be displayed. Images are now being released, but the medal is still in their possession. "The medal has not yet been presented to Tom Cruise," according to Allen.

According to Edwards, the Florida exhibit is to honor the work Cruise has done in the past and what he means for the church's future. 
"Radiocarbon dating will never rule out the Shroud of Scientology's authenticity. It exists as a document of Tom Cruise's faith in Scientology — a photo negative of the radiance of his soul. It gives evidence for future generations that Tom Cruise not only belonged to Scientology but saved it from obscurity," said Edwards.

Allen and his group have yet to get clearance from the city for the event, but he sees no issue with what will take place at the pop-up church event. He said in a statement: “We are optimistic the controversy that surrounds the church will not keep visitors away. We want to assure people that this public event is a celebration of Tom Cruise and his 25 years of commitment, not a recruiting opportunity for the Church of Scientology.”

The “Pop-up Church of Scientology” featuring the “Shroud of Scientology” will open at the Cory Allen Contemporary Art’s Showroom on August 8. For information, attendees can contact Allen at 323-393-3115 or visit