Jesse Ventura Hints He'll Jump Into Presidential Race

There's only one thing that would make our presidential election crazier than it already is, what with the candidates talking about each other's penises and Donald Trump evoking Hitler comparisons: a former professional wrestler jumping in. 

Of course!!! Why didn't we see this coming??? 

This weekend, while Trump was Trumping (see our slideshow from his press conference in West Palm Beach) , Jesse Ventura, Navy SEAL turned WWE star turned governor of Minnesota, suggested he may jump into the presidential race. He outlined a four-point platform that focused on ending wars, legalizing drugs, rebuilding infrastructure, and getting money out of politics: 

Ventura linked to a post that said Americans are "losing their freedoms" and said he would decide on a run by May. He indicated he would hope to run on the Libertarian ticket. 

"If the people continue to be complacent," he wrote, "we’re going to lose it all, just as our forefathers warned us. This is where I see us heading. So, when I consider running for president, one part of me always asks, Why? And another part of me asks, If not you, then who? But as I said before, a decision on my candidacy would have to be made with the Libertarian party at the end of May. And I’m not going to show my hand yet. I'll just sit back and enjoy the circus. " 

Ventura, 64, served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. (He served on the Basic Underwater Demolition team, which was eventually considered part of  the Navy SEALs.) After a long career with World Wrestling Entertainment, he served as governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. He won office as part of the Reform Party but left it once in office. He did not seek a second term.  

Since then, he has taught at Harvard, hosted TV and radio shows, and written books including Don't Start the Revolution Without Me, in which he mused about running for president. Its description on Amazon.com described some of his concerns: a "corrupt two-party system, the disastrous war in Iraq, and what he suspects really happened on September 11... the illegal role of the CIA in states like Minnesota.. [and] who really assassinated President John F. Kennedy."

This year, Ventura seemed to have been supporting Bernie Sanders and warring with Marco Rubio. He has  voiced his support for Edward Snowden and disdain for government wiretapping. 

Ventura is an atheist. 

The Libertarians in 2012 nominated former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, who is seeking the nomination again. And what was Johnson busy doing this weekend? Calling Donald Trump a "pussy":