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Delray Goes Full Moon MAD With Its Newest Pop-Up Art Event Series

Ethan Dangerwing has been around the Delray Beach music scene for years, performing with many local bands as the rapper “The Vulture.” 

But a while back, the rapper and former lyricist for the now-disbanded Hello Elevator turned his talents to photography. For a year, he lived out of his van traveling the country, all the while honing his skills. 

“My style is raw emotion meets serenity,” says Dangerwing. "I like the beauty in the chaos. I’m getting into the showing of my pieces in galleries and magazine format." 

His subjects are primarily women, often nude, but this isn't porn or even boudoir photography. Whether in rugged natural settings or stark industrial ones, the strong, muscular women in his photographs communicate the raw emotion and chaos Dangerwing seeks. Most recently, his work was published in Ethereal Art Magazine

Dangerwing has returned to Delray and is the organizing force behind a new series of pop-up art events called Delray MAD. Hosted at various venues, MAD aims to bring together local artists, business owners, and city leaders to celebrate the arts, foster new business partnerships, and strengthen relationships in the community. 

“Our city has such a rich and vibrant music, art, and design scene,” says Dangerwing. “We’re eager to celebrate it with a fresh take on nightlife events.”

In addition to Dangerwing's work, featured artists for the inaugural event include Brazilian painter Amauri Torezan and a live musical performance by Chris Michaud, a local singer and songwriter.

Dangerwing plans to continue Delray MAD as an ongoing event, taking place only on Fridays with full moons.

“There's something intriguing and alluring about Fridays and especially full moons,” he says.  Since full-moon Fridays don't happen every month or even every quarter, Dangerwing felt this would be a good way to space out events, giving them time to ensure a quality experience for everyone involved.

Adding to the mystery: The events will be small, invite-only affairs. 

“We want it to be more underground, grassroots, speakeasy style, with not too much advertisement but rather word of mouth,” says Dangerwing. “We're not trying to go the route of social-media posts about coming to our event. Rather, a longing of being a part of something special."

But Dangerwing insists he isn't looking to create a "VIP-only" vibe.

"MAD events won't ever be about excluding people, as exclusivity is toxic,” he says.  “We dream of having these events be woven into the fabric of our great city. We just want this to grow organically — just like the friendships of the people behind this concept.”

The next event is already in the works and is being sourced for artists. 

“There's room for everyone in Delray MAD,” says Dangerwing. "And we couldn't be more excited about that. We can't wait to explore what's happening in Delray and celebrate that with our fellow community members.”

The inaugural Delray MAD event will take place at 9 p.m., Friday, April 22, at Salon Resta (258 SE Sixth Ave., Suite 02, Delray Beach). Food from local restaurant the New Vegan will be served, along with refreshing cocktails. To get your invitation, email Dangerwing at [email protected].