Ten Signs You’ve Been in Fort Lauderdale Too Long

South Florida has everything. Day drinking and sports are options year-round. There's a beautiful ocean, a sandy beach covered in hot bodies, and plenty of lively nightlife. So, why leave?

Whether you were born here or assimilated into Fort Lauderdale culture a decade ago, there's a great big world out there that needs to be explored, and your time will come eventually. If any more than five of the below items apply to you, then it's probably time to fly from the nest for a little bit. 
10. The bouncers on Himmarshee don’t ask you for your ID anymore.
Not only do they recognize you, but they all know you by name, and you follow each other on Instagram. Also, your idea of a dance club is Dicey Riley’s.

9. You’re convinced a complex network of underground criminals in unmarked white vans is responsible for the theft of your bike.
Because despite locking it up every time, yours has been stolen off Fort Lauderdale Beach, Himmarshee, Las Olas Boulevard — or, if you’re really lucky, all three!
8. You think that going to the Chili Cook-Off makes you a country fan.
The only mud your cowboy boots have seen is from beer-soaked dirt at C.B. Smith Park, and your version of "cruisin' down the back roads" is driving through the alley behind a Publix to avoid parking-lot traffic.

7. You’ve posted a beach photo to social media with the caption, “I live where you vacation.”
Just stop. Who are you talking to with that caption? Canadians? This isn’t Hawaii, and technically, they live here 8 months out of the year anyway.

6. You’re still celebrating Spring Break every year, even though you graduated more than five years ago.
Cinco de Mayo and St. Patty’s are also completely legitimate excuses to get wasted in the middle of the workweek. You celebrate pretty much every bank holiday because you're programmed to jump on any excuse to drink between noon and sunset.