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Cara Jennings, Famous for Starbucks Rant, to Protest Friday "Because Rick Scott Is Still an Asshole"

Cara Jennings became internet-famous after a video of her yelling at Governor Rick Scott — she called him "an asshole" — went viral. This Friday, she will lead a rally in Gainesville against Scott's policies, focusing specifically on women's healthcare and reproductive rights.

The event, held in conjunction with National Women's Liberation, is being billed with the slogan "RAISE YOUR VOICE - because rick scott is still an asshole."  

“We are dealing with one of the most conservative Governors and State Legislatures in the U.S.," Jennings said in a statement. "From ignoring climate change to trampling access to safe reproductive health care, there are many reasons people are dismayed with Governor Scott."

After the video of their interaction went viral, Scott's office responded with a video of its own, deeming Jennings a “Starbucks Latte Liberal.” Tough guy that he is, his team disabled comments on that video, LOL. 

Jennings says, "It is critical that we support local organizations who continue to provide reproductive health care despite the ongoing legislative attacks. We will rally to speak out against the Governor’s arrogance. We welcome everyone who wishes they were with me at Starbucks that fateful day to join us on June 3rd."

There will be food, bands, dancing, and a speech by Jennings at the event. Proceeds benefit the Southern Birth Justice Network and Bread and Roses. For details, see here.