My Organic Corner in Weston Adding Dinner Service and Wellness Center

Weston residents are in for a treat. The ever-popular My Organic Corner is expanding this fall into the spaces on both sides of their current location. They will add dinner to their existing breakfast and lunch menus and will open a wellness center with supplements, a full-time holistic nutritionist, and a learning center that will host classes on healthy eating and wellness.

Specialization in juices and smoothies has evolved into a menu ripe with mostly vegetarian and vegan options. Breakfast bowls, wraps, burgers, salads, and soups are prepared fresh daily from organic ingredients.

Breakfast includes the Açai Power Me Bowl, which is a tantalizing blend of creamy, pudding-textured açai topped with banana, oats, granola, shredded coconut, seasonal fruit, hemp seeds, sliced almonds, and peanut butter (order without bee pollen for vegan).

Smoothies include a wide variety of customizable organic fruits and vegetables. The Pitaya smoothie is a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Its hot pink hue is derived from a mixture of dragon fruit and mango mixed with My Organic Corner's homemade coconut milk. 

The new dinner menu promises to add additional delights, such as the Beet and Lentil Burger — a creamy blend of raw beets, brown lentils, oats, chia seeds, and spices, served on an Ezekiel bun with green leaf lettuce, tomato, avocado, and creamy garlic sauce.

For the owners Janeth and Jaime Roldan, the entire evolution of My Organic Corner has been nothing short of amazing.

Seven years ago, Janeth had grown so ill that she could not get out of bed.

“I got really, really sick,” she says. “I would get yeast infections, strep throat, itchiness, bloating, and my doctors didn’t know what was going on. They kept giving me antibiotics, and I kept getting worse.”

Janeth’s mother suggested that Janeth try a naturalist, so they drove to Homestead to consult with one who specializes in natural healing methods. Janeth literally had to be carried in.

“He told me there’s no medication for it,” Janeth says, when the naturalist diagnosed her with candida. “He said, ‘It’s very simple. Change your diet. If you don’t, you are going to die.’”

Janeth went home knowing she needed to make a dramatic change if she wanted to live.

“I was Colombian,” she says. “I ate everything bad that you can imagine. It was very difficult, but I thought, do you want to be a mother to your children, or do you want them to be motherless?”

With no idea how to begin eating more healthfully, Janeth turned to her father, who hosted international missionaries at their home in Colombia when Janeth was young. He remembered a Buddhist from Thailand who used to cook vegan meals, and those recollections helped create the foundation for Janeth’s journey back to health.

“First, I took out all meats and I did a six-month cleanse,” she says. Then, following a vegan diet with no meat, yeast, dairy, or fruits, she began to work on combining ingredients like lentils and rice.

“I felt amazing,” she says. “I had energy. My hair was falling out, and it started growing again.”

Janeth ate her way back to health, but shortly thereafter, her husband, Jaime, who had been taking Lipitor for high cholesterol for 25 years, began to grow ill.

Janeth suggested that he stop taking the medication, but Jaime’s doctor vehemently disagreed. Jaime stopped taking the medication anyway and switched to a vegan diet. Janeth says the results were better than they had ever hoped.

“His doctor said, ‘You see, your cholesterol has never been better. I told you not to stop taking the pills,’” she says, adding that the doctor was speechless when they informed him that Jaime had stopped the medication and switched to a vegan diet six months prior.

Though they were now healthier, the family was limited with restaurant choices as Janeth and their children followed a vegetarian diet, and Jaime followed a restricted diet. My Organic Corner developed, like so many great ideas, out of necessity.

Janeth says customers sometimes ask her how many calories are in various dishes. She doesn’t know, she says, because her focus is on good, clean foods, where each ingredient has a health benefit.

“We are what we eat,” she says. “The more important question is, ‘Are those calories important? Are those good calories?’”

(Note from the Vegan Police: While this restaurant is mostly vegan, they do serve some animal products, which are prepared in a dedicated area and with dedicated utensils to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.)

My Organic Corner. 127 Weston Rd., Weston. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday; 954-888-4700;

Wendy Rhodes is a freelance writer and award-winning author.  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @WendyRhodesFL.