Ten Reasons Fort Lauderdale Beach Is the Best Beach in Broward

Throughout the summer, "Best Beaches" has highlighted the best beach spots Broward has to offer. Our final pick? Fort Lauderdale Beach.

We certainly saved the best for last in our search for the best beach in Broward County. We must say that we've enjoyed our stroll through some of the quieter, less-populated beaches Broward has to offer. It's been a legitimately tough choice deciding on our favorite beach, but in the end, our search for the undisputed heavyweight champion of beaches in Broward has ended with Fort Lauderdale's hand being raised in the air. 
10. The classic beach views.

If there is one thing that sets Fort Lauderdale above the rest of the beaches in Broward, it's the scenery. There just isn't a beach that rivals the sort of classic picturesque views you get on a drive down Ocean Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is the beach you bring people if you want to impress them. It's the most beautiful beach of the bunch, with the others lagging far behind.
9. The clean shores.

Not every beach we went to on our quest to find the best beach in Broward was in the best condition, but Fort Lauderdale beach is consistently clean every time we visit. Maybe it's because Fort Lauderdale is a big city with a bigger budget for beach cleanup, but it's noticeable just how much cleaner the water, beach, and sidewalks are compared to others in the area. 
8. Coconuts.
429 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale; 954-525-2421.

Coconuts is the sort of place where you dock your boat, stroll right up to the bar, grab a cocktail, and just enjoy being outside. This is the sort of place your relatives envision when they think about vacationing in Florida. Between the views of the water, the food, and the tropical atmosphere, Coconuts is the entire Fort Lauderdale experience wrapped into one terrific restaurant. 
7. The crowds.

In past Best Beach posts, we've lauded the sort of relaxed crowds you find at some Broward beaches. Fort Lauderdale is very different from those places. If it's chill crowds you're looking for, Fort Lauderdale beach is not your cup of tea. What makes the crowds at Fort Lauderdale a positive feature, though, is they make for topnotch people watching. For better or for worse, there is never a dull moment on Fort Lauderdale Beach. More youth come through Fort Lauderdale beach than any other we visited, giving it a place-to-be sort of feel. 
6. Staycation feels.

It can't be said enough: We live in an area of the United States that is considered a vacation destination. That means every time we step outside our doors, we are basically on someone else's vacation. A family of four in Idaho might be saving all year just to go to Fort Lauderdale Beach a few times, but we can have the pleasure of going there for three bucks of gas. It's something we shouldn't take for granted.