Ten Low-Budget South Florida-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner. Chances are you haven't even considered if you will dress up this year, let alone who you might be. With just about three weeks left until Halloween, it's time to start figuring all that out, and we're here to help.

This has been quite a year for everything South Florida. An extremely polarizing local man is running for the highest office in the land, the highest-paid movie star in the world calls our backyard home, and across the music industry, local artists are constantly making the news. In all walks of life, South Floridians are in the spotlight, which in turn makes them damn good costumes on Halloween.

Here are a few of our favorite local stars that you could easily spin into an affordable Halloween costume this year. 

10. Donald Trump 

Obviously, dressing up as "The Donald" will be a popular Halloween costume this year. No matter who you plan on voting for next month, it's hard to ignore just what an amazing Halloween costume Trump makes. His vernacular alone does the trick. If you're a woman who can borrow a suit, this is a home-run costume idea. 

9. Ariana Grande 

Boca's finest vocalist has a unique look, one that lends itself quite well to being replicated this Halloween. Pretty much a ponytail, high boots, and a microphone can pull this one off. Belt out some high-pitched lyrics from here super-recognizable songs and you've got yourself a winner. Extra points to guys who can pull off Grande's Madonna look. 

8. Rick Scott 

Gov. Rick Scott isn't good for much, but being a fantastic Halloween costume is certainly on the list. All you need is a pair of slacks, a dress shirt, and a bald cap to pull this off. Go around and smile at people at the Halloween party while calmly telling them you can't do anything to help them. If you want to take it a step further and be panicking you're-all-going-to-die Hurricane Matthew Rick Scott, add a Navy hat so people know you mean business.

 7. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Miami's own Dwayne Johnson is on top of Hollywood right now; he's the best paid, he's the seemingly busiest, and he has the most recognizable face of any actor. It doesn't hurt that he's built like a brick shithouse too. Even if you aren't yoked like the Rock, you can pull off one of his famous looks. All you need is some well-ironed dress clothes, sunglasses, and a cell phone to pull off his Ballers look. 

6. DJ Khaled

Easy-peezy, right here. Pulling off DJ Khaled only takes constantly using Snapchat while throwing around catchphrases like "Another one," "Don't play yourself," or "We da best!" Khaled has moved from music icon to social media icon this year, seemingly transcending into a sort of cartoon character everyone loves. What better way to capitalize on his unique fame than with a fun Halloween costume? 

5. Marco Rubio 

2016 is a year that will forever be remembered for its political climate and the events that occurred during the presidential election. Marco Rubio has been right in the middle of all this mess, making him a prime Halloween costume option for those in need of an easy out. The Rubio costume really only takes a suit and a glass of water; anything else you add to it would be going above and beyond. 

4. Ryan Tannehill 

With Tannehill and the Dolphins tanking yet another season, now might be the time to get some extra use out of that #17 jersey before it's a car wash rag. Halloween falls on a Monday this year but the Dolphins don't play that week, so you can stay in character and tell people you're excited to regroup for the rest of the season. If you want to spice this one up, cut out the bottom of a trash can and walk around in it at the party. 

3. Mark Richt

The Miami Hurricanes' newest coach might be the hottest sports figure in all of South Florida right now, making it a great time to take advantage of his celebrity this Halloween. All you'll need for the Mark Richt costume is a digital watch, a Hurricanes pullover, some gray hair paint, and an unshaken demeanor. 

2. Rick Ross

To recreate the Rick Ross look this Halloween, all you really need is some fake chains, some pears, and a pair of sunglasses; anything else beyond that is a bonus. Walk up to people at the Halloween party and bark "Roooossssssss" so there is no doubt as to who you are. 

1. Pitbull

Ah, yes, the cream of the crop of South Florida's most recognizable stars. Luckily, Pitbull is also one of the easiest looks to replicate this Halloween. To set yourself apart from the rest of the Pitbull impersonators, maybe add a zombie aspect to the look. Lots of fist-pumping and hip-gyrating are a part of this character, of course.