Fabolous Brings Jadakiss to Revolution Live for Freddy vs. Jason Tour

Photo by Amanda Barona
There's nothing worse than the wait time between your favorite artist's announcement of new music and the moment your friend surprises you with an illegal download link. In the case of hip-hop artists Fabolous and Jadakiss, we’re still waiting for the link for the joint project. Freddy vs. Jason was promised almost a year ago, and guess what? No download link has been found. After dropping the hint on Instagram almost a year ago, they've left fans to wait for hip-hop to be reborn.

As the months passed, the two spent time on separate ventures but didn’t hold back on saying in interviews that the "instant classic" would be released soon. "We were trying to put it out next month in January, but we gonna drop something to go into it. I don't want to give away the whole thing, but we're gonna drop something next month," Fabolous promised in interview with HipHopDX in January. If you were waiting for a Friday the 13th release date, which ties in directly with the album's movie theme, we hope you didn’t hold your breath.

The two artists aren’t strangers. They previously collaborated on “The Hope” and “Respect It,” giving their fans a taste of what their music would sound like on the project. The main question on everyone’s mind is, what’s the holdup? What’s stopping two hip-hop moguls from releasing a project that would put mumble rap to rest for the time being?

“I got some things that I’m cooking, but what I’m really having right now is a sample fight,” Fabolous said in an interview with Los Angeles radio personality and DJ Big Von. “It’s getting harder to clear samples,” he added. That comment signifies the project isn’t just a mixtape, as many expected, but a full album adding a rap feel to the flick Freddy vs. Jason, which was released in 2003. Luckily, fans aren’t hungry for new music from Fabolous because he’s consistent on his mixtape releases, and as for Jadakiss, listeners are still putting his “Top 5 Dead or Alive” project in rotation.

With music consumption at an all-time high, the two artists are aware of their audience’s eagerness, but they try to suppress the hype. "We just take our time because we want it to be right because of the magnitude of the project means for hip-hop and New York City hip-hop. Also, we have samples that need to be cleared,” Fabolous said in interview with Hot 97. “In this generation, soon as you say a project is coming, the people want it right away. We try to give people a little bit of the process through social media and Instagram.”

Though we still don’t have an album in our hands, there’s still hope of the two giving us a taste of their upcoming joint venture through their Freddy vs. Jason tour March 2 in Fort Lauderdale. The rappers are expected to perform throwback crowd favorites such as Jadakiss’ “Why” and Fabolous’ “Thim Slick,” giving fans a nostalgic night. And you never know, we might get to hear Freddy vs. Jason live in concert.

Freddy vs. Jason, With Fabolous and Jadakiss
7 p.m. Thursday, March 2, at Revolution Live, 100 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale; 954-449-1025; Tickets cost $45 via