New Hardcore Punk Venue, the Juicebox, Opens in Pompano Beach

Courtesy photo
The Last Ten Seconds of Life will perform at Pompano's new music venue, the Juicebox, on August 20.
There’s a new place to rock in Broward.

The Juicebox, a warehouse venue that may prove to be a new hotspot for the local hardcore/punk scene, hosted its first local show in Pompano Beach on July 14 and will begin hosting touring bands this month. The venue is owned and operated by Josh Rammath of the band Lost My Grip.

“I’ve been involved with the local music scene since I was 13 and now I’m 28, and there just aren’t any local venues for us anymore,” Rammath says. “I have a newborn son... I want to make something that will be here when he gets to be old enough to enjoy music.”

The Juicebox is a very straightforward space, boasting 1,600 square feet for a maxed-out crowd of about 150 people. There is an area for a table to buy tickets, a spot to purchase water and soda (no bar here yet, folks), and an open floor for bands to rock on.

Last month, the venue installed printing equipment for bands that come through the venue and want to craft tees and posters in no-time. The spot also plans to host food vendors and trucks for larger events.

Rammath says he has local shows booked through October. The venue’s first show included Bloodbather, Foul Play, Waste My Hate, Violated Right, and his very own Lost My Grip. On August 20, the first touring bands make their way through the Juicebox, with the Last Ten Seconds of Life, Extortionist, So This Is Suffering, and Soulless leading the bill.

“If everything works out, we’ll build an actual stage... but for now it’s very punk rock,” Rammath says.

A full list of confirmed events may be accessed on the Juicebox’s Facebook page.

The Juicebox. 1327 S. Dixie Hwy., Pompano Beach; 954-661-9717;