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Rank & File Social Club Owner Stefano Barbagallo: "Flagler Village Is the New Wynwood"

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Brothers Mark and Stefano Barbagallo are the masterminds behind Flagler Village's newest spot, Rank & File Social Club.
Every neighborhood needs its own version of Cheers, right? You know, the place “where everybody knows your name.” Well, amid a boom of restaurants, bars, and cultural spots, Rank & File Social Club wants to be just that in Fort Lauderdale’s Flagler Village. 

The 3,000-square-foot space billed as “featuring classic cocktails reimagined by a seasoned team of bartenders in a warm, inviting setting” is slated to open at the end of October, according to co-owner Stefano Barbagallo. The space is housed in the same building as Chops and Hops, the neighborhood’s forthcoming and buzzworthy ax-throwing bar.

“Everyone says Flagler Village is the new Wynwood,” says Barbagallo. “We want our space to morph into what the neighborhood becomes... meaning we will grow organically just as the neighborhood grows. We want to be that staple that people visit two, three or four times a week.”

The space’s décor will boast vintage motorcycles, leather-bound books, distressed furniture, and interactive entertainment for folks to enjoy, including gaming systems and board games. Drinks-wise, the spot will have a modern mixology program and a carefully-curated wine list.

“We want people to come and find some really good wine that they can’t have anywhere else nearby,” said Barbagallo. “I’ve been up and down Las Olas and to so many different places. Guiding my boat for our wine selection is ensuring we have wine people won’t see anywhere but here in South Florida.”

Music will also be a cornerstone of Rank & File Social Club. Barbagallo says the venue will boast live tunes – ranging from acoustic acts to '70s, '80s, and '90s cover — regularly on its stage, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system that will be “one of the best in Broward County.”

Rank & File marks the first independent venture for Barbagallo, who is opening the spot alongside his brother Mark. Stefano says he’s worked virtually every job in the biz, starting from washing pots and pans through management. He’s opened dozens of restaurants up and down the East Coast for the Cheesecake Factory as well as Barteca Restaurant Group.

“I fell in love with the hospitality piece and the energy that restaurants and bars have,” he said. “And now, I’ve found my passion in life with this right here.”

Rank & File Social Club. 702 NE First Ave., Fort Lauderdale; Opening at the end of October.