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The Digital Art Renaissance: SINGULART's Role in Redefining the Contemporary Art Market

A Beautiful Day ll by Andreas Garbe

Since 2017, SINGULART has been paving the way toward the digital art renaissance of today. This Paris-based online art gallery helps sellers and collectors buy art online, explore thousands of pieces with help from curators available 24/7, and have an enriching experience from the comfort of their own homes. SINGULART commits to shaping the contemporary art market for the modern buyer.

The Evolving Art Landscape

Today, everyone from the amateur art enthusiast to the serious collector can find art for sale online with a simple Google search. The digitalization of the art market has made it possible for people to find valuable works of art and collect and trade them easily with others, preserving priceless oil paintings while continuing to define and redefine contemporary works. With so many changing definitions of art, platforms like SINGULART are at the forefront of helping contemporary artists collaborate with other artists, sellers, and enthusiasts.

The Digital Art Renaissance

Today, SINGULART continues to be a renaissance in the contemporary art market, from NFTs to digital art and even AI-inspired works. Digital platforms like SINGULART empower emerging artists to continue to shape modern art and incorporate cultural values into their works.

Credo Ado Immensa by Rossana Brozelli


SINGULART helps up-and-coming artists compete in a seemingly endless market, with the power of beautiful web design at their fingertips. Artists can also trust that traders and collectors can find what they're looking for easily online. Buyers can explore art and learn more about artists, and different messages expressed through art, and search for inspiration online.

Empowering Artists

SINGULART has a knack for nurturing artistic talent and helping promote artists both nationally and internationally. Take, for instance, Thai artist Ta Byrne. Byrne is a bestselling artist with works exhibited in Thailand and the UK that focus on women’s issues and empowerment. With SINGULART’s help, Byrne can continue spreading positivity one digital art sale at a time.

Kundaline by Charles Gibbons

Redefining the Art-Buying Experience

Buying art was once only for the elite and wealthy. Today, online art galleries like SINGULART make art consumption accessible through online sales that are readily transparent and secure payments online. This technology in art sales allows users to feel confident in their purchases and enables artists to boost sales as well.

For those looking to buy paintings online, SINGULART is one of the most reliable platforms with a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot. Andrei from the US is one of many customers who has used SINGULART and praises its user-friendly online art gallery and attentive customer service team.

Shaping the Future

The future of art is never certain. However, what is certain is that SINGULART will continue to provide safe venues for customers to find and explore art and empower artists to push the limits of what defines contemporary art.

It’s easy to find your new favorite artist, explore art once only available through small, out-of-reach galleries, and discover contemporary paintings and mediums online. SINGULART plays a pivotal role in the digital art renaissance, curating, exposing, and ultimately helping provide a trading route for art with the click of an online button.

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