The Avenging Lawnmowers of Justice's succinct, silly, and unimaginably catchy songs (about worms, weirdos, weed, unpaid bills, alien abduction, and other important concerns) have been collected on a self-titled disc and another, soon-to-be-released offering. But your best bet is to catch the 'Mowers trimming their turf on-stage. That's where the band's offbeat humor is best appreciated and where gangly, bespectacled bandleader Chris DeAngelis is likely to end the show by writhing like an insect on his back as he squeezes out bass melodies that'd make McCartney jealous. However, it must be duly noted that Sir Paul is much too mature to pen a ditty called "Your Sister Stole My Girlfriend." The 'Vengers call themselves "Florida's very own musical crusading crime fighters of crap," and if that's not worth a prize, what is?

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