It takes ten minutes to squeeze through the dense crowd around the massive bar in Briny's Irish Pub (Pompano Beach) on a Friday night, when Crisis plays its regular gig. When you finally do get to the dance floor in the back, you find partiers bouncing to a pop cover of U2's "I Will Follow" and the 30-something foursome of Laz, John, Cory, and Paul jamming out on the platform above. There's something so deliciously average Joe, circa 1985, about the 3-year-old pop/rock quartet that it makes you feel like Jessie's girl secretly pining for the rockers who are serenading you. Your perspiring face, beet red from dancing, screams requests all the while. The boys are having so much fun that you can't help getting sloshed and letting them take you back to a time when rock music was more about cutting loose and less about hating your life.

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