Courtesy of Two&

If Two& isn't your favorite bicycle shop, it should be. Maybe you already have a favorite bicycle shop, where they charge you a fair price, custom-build you a bike, or craft a hybrid built from various components tailored to specific needs. They might even know the relative merits of fixed gear, freestyle, BMX, road, vintage, cyclocross, velodrome, freak bikes, urban, cruisers, and mountain bikes. But can they do all that and also pour you a beer? Two&, owned by husband-and-wife bicycle-loving team Elmo and Zoe Love, is a bike shop, a bar, and an all-around fun place to hang out. Maybe you've always loved cycling but have never found that special cycling someone to bike through life with. Maybe you haven't owned a bicycle since you hit puberty, but hell, you could use a hobby and some new friends. Check out ongoing events such as World Music Fusion with JokerLive on Tuesdays and "Don't Quit Your Day Job" open mic with Stu on Thursdays.

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