Subculture Coffee

Just as the rest of the food world — and world in general — is going on about "craft" this and "artisanal" that, the java world has followed suit. And when it comes to straying from the mainstream in South Florida, one name comes to the forefront of the underground world: restaurateur and bar owner Rodney Mayo. Earlier this year, he teamed up with West Palm Beach coffee aficionado Sean Scott, founder of Habatat Coffee, to start a coffee shop and microroasting facility right on Clematis. Beans are painstakingly sourced from the best coffee regions around the world, ranging from South America to the South Pacific, and are served in every fashion imaginable, from fancy pour-overs to a plain old cup of coffee. And as good as the beans may be, the atmosphere is just as au courant. The vintage-inspired interior is filled with stylish coffee fanatics, college students, and hip folk conversing over steaming hot cups of brew until the wee hours of morning.

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