Ask a New Jerseyite what a real diner is, and the answer you'll hear -- a wide-ranging menu, friendly and efficient service, and oh, it must be owned by Greeks and serve great Greek pastries -- could just as easily describe Boca Glades. In addition to the usual egg dishes, sandwiches, and burgers, this spacious eatery offers souvlaki (grilled skewered meats), moussaka (like lasagna), spinach pie, and gyros. Not in the mood for Greek? Not to worry. The diner also presents terrific grilled fish dishes in addition to the more sinful specialties such as sautéed chicken livers and Romanian skirt steak. Then you can finish up with a slice of any number of cakes and pies. It's been said that no restaurant can please all the people all the time, but when you come right down to it, Boca Glades comes the closest to succeeding.

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