Ah, the most American, blue-collar breakfast: coffee and a doughnut. On any given morning, local shops that deal in both often have lines so long you'd swear they were giving their goods away. And they pretty much are. For $1.58 apiece, a good doughnut is worth every penny—especially when layered under a veil of decadent toppings or filled with creamy goodness. At the old-fashioned Dandee Donut Factory in Hollywood, owners Frank and Laura Pucine have been in the business for more than 20 years. Open at 5 a.m. daily, the Pucines' place offers 62 hand-cut, hand-dipped, and homestyle varieties, from jelly-filled and cake doughnuts to specialty yeast-raised selections. The most popular include the sour cream glazed cake, their signature honey-dipped plain glazed, and the longtime favorite—a coconut-crusted doughnut the size of a large bagel finished with a tuft of homemade dulce de leche, chocolate, or vanilla frosting. If you happen to get your hands on one later in the day, these babies are just as good for dessert.

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