Third time was a charm for Cas Tannenbaum's annual movement arts extravaganza and open-air carnival. Grounded in a philosophy that seeks the state of "flow" — defined as "an exhilarating transcendent way of being in which effortless control and peak skill seem to erase a sense of time" — this year's Flow Fest drew the greatest number yet of acrobatic adepts offering the widest variety of performances: hoops, juggling, fire dance, belly dance, yoga, break dancing, capoeira. It stretched over three days of workshops, and play lasted well into the evening, the better to take in the blazing, twisting, turning array. Darkening skies along the Intracoastal Waterway became an Arabian Nights fantasy, full of fit and youthful forms, in clothes variously medieval, thrift-shop, or psychedelic homespun, capering across the lawn with grace and precision, a temporary village of the body electric. Listen hard enough and you can still hear the temple bells.

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