Freshwater or salt, catch-and-release or catch-and-eat? Questions, questions. Florida is about saltwater, so we'll answer by sending you to sea. For convenience, quick access to the ocean, and virtually certain catches, try the 65-foot Flamingo. This boat beats the competition in part because of its size -- you have more room to move than you'll find on the 45-footers, and you'll have more stability at sea. So you're less likely to spend your time throwing up during a small-craft advisory. You'll also find free parking at the nearby Radisson Hotel, always a plus on the beach. It's a short boat ride out to a perennial hot spot -- three parallel reefs loaded with fish. The reefs range from a few hundred yards to a mile offshore, so you spend your time fishing, not boating. What about gear? Well, you have to show up only with what you want to eat and drink. Among the likely catch: king mackerel, amberjack, and grouper. Good luck!

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