Jaromir Jagr is 44 years old. For a hockey player, he might as well have fought in the Civil War. He was old ten years ago. But the famously mulleted Czech just happens to be one of the greatest hockey players to lace up in any era of pro hockey. He's won two Stanley Cups and scored more points than any active player in the game. He played alongside Mario Lemieux in the 1990s, creating one of the most formidable offensive duos in sports history. He's played for eight NHL teams and two Russian teams in pro hockey and could probably take on a few NBA teams and the Gryffindor Quidditch team too. But what he's doing now, in his 40s, seems to be the most improbable accomplishment of his career: He has turned the Florida Panthers — which previously functioned as the NHL's halfway house for players considering retirement — into a legitimate championship contender. Jagr himself is having the sort of season that defies all logic or science: He led the team in scoring and looks positively happy doing so. He hasn't even lost any hair. (Though the Panthers have been knocked out of the playoffs this year.)

Readers' choice: Jaromír Jágr

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