You did her wrong. You were being a total guy when you said that, and you didn't realize it would offend her. She's upset. You need a second chance. You need a miracle. You need Walt Zelasko and his wonder workers at Poopie Doll Florist. For the past 20 years, Zelasko and his team of expert florists have been putting together bouquets and combinations of flowers, most from Colombia and Ecuador, in north Fort Lauderdale. Unlike at many florists, where price-gouging seems a lucrative side business, Poopie Doll keeps prices reasonable, from a dozen mini-carnations with a rainbow selection of colors for just $3.45 to a dozen daisies or carnations for $7.95 to a dozen deep-red roses with long, thorny stems sturdy as an elm for $39.95. What's more, every purchase is individually wrapped with care and professionalism. Heck, if it weren't for the flower power available at such places as Poopie Doll Florist, procreation would likely come to a startling halt.

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