When you think folk music, it's easy to go right to James Taylor daydreams or rewatch A Mighty Wind. There's a whole lot more folk than these sensitive classics, and it swims through genres in ways you have to feel to believe. When it comes to folk music in South Florida, it has an edge, it screams, it lights fires, and its home is in Lake Worth. No one exemplifies the crusty, punkabilly scene with more pride or tattoos than Everymen. The often-shirtless gaggle of string-toting dudes brings the grime to what was once an elegant scene and finally turns it into something worth listening to. More than just an interesting look, the Everymen crew knows how to play and has emerged as one of the most important bands in Lake Worth, which makes it one of the most important bands in South Florida. The guys take their craft and position in the scene seriously, but their sharp recordings and videos don't do justice to their live performance. An Everymen show is a full-body experience that involves as much theatrics and crowd participation as it does musicianship and smiling faces. This primo live-show guarantee is why they are a touring machine, road-tripping around the country and proving to everyone else what we already know: Folk has changed for good.

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