Pincho Factory

The Pincho Factory is best-known for its Latin-inspired burgers, but it is also a bastion for any self-respecting, fry-loving foodie. Orange-golden tater tots ($4.49)—nuggets of creamy mashed sweet potato—arrive with a side of gooey homemade apple butter. Fried discs of golden tostones ($3.49) are sprinkled with salt and served with a garlic aioli. There are even chocolate-covered fries drowned in a liquid milk chocolate glaze with a halo of powdered sugar. Most popular, though, are the plain shoestring fries ($2.99), each batch rolled in the chef's own ranch seasoning before they're fried to order in peanut oil. Chef and co-owner Nedal Ahmad has added new creations over the years, including the now-popular Cajun fries: shoestrings loaded with grilled onions, a robust Cajun seasoning, and a hefty dose of the restaurant's own mayo-ketchup combo dubbed "pink flamingo sauce." It just doesn't get more Florida than that.

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