So you can't muster the motivation to pursue a better job, or you can't get over lingering thoughts of your ex. This doesn't necessarily mean you have depression or a mental health condition — more like a low-level malaise or a nagging self-doubt. Who ya gonna call? Well, first you'll call your mom and best friend and whine for a few weeks, but when you're actually ready to take action to improve your life, try Jen. With Stifler's-mom-level sex appeal and Zig Ziglar-level mantras spilling out of her mouth, this feisty, funny, and friendly high achiever will help you "get clear" on how you must move forward. Chances are, whatever problem you're facing, she's dealt with something similar: She worked on Wall Street, tried her hand as an actress, married and divorced a millionaire, and had a kid before finding her calling as a coach. She now teaches a group class called the "Creative Insight Journey" ($575 for eight weeks), which was developed at Stanford University. She's also started a retreat company, hosted a radio show, and written a book — which she can also help you do, with her "Book Proposal Accountability Course." But the real trick? Connecting like-minded souls who come together as classmates. It's highly likely you'll come through this uplifting experience with a few cool friends to support the brand-new you.

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