At the corner of NE Seventh Avenue and Dixie Highway sits a bright-orange building with a rough mural of the sun over the ocean's horizon. You might be fooled and think it's a day care or a finger-painted summer-camp wall, but the poster for 1800 Silver Tequila to its right will tell you that's a tequila sunrise and that this place is for grownups only. In fact, that's why they keep a bell on the door and buzz every customer in. Here you will find everything from Four Loko ($7.99) to IRU Vodka ($10.99) to four-packs of Nicki Minaj's line of moscato ($9.49). They even have a cooler to chill their stock of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, which comes in sizes ranging from "Sneaking at the Movies" to "She Dumped Me and Kept the Ring." And if your dip in the Liquor Fountain leads to hangover hell, they also offer a wide selection of glassware and water pipes for your morning-after "tobacco."

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