Fort Lauderdale native Mike Mularkey could be exactly what the long-struggling Miami Dolphins need: a guy who knows how to score touchdowns and has absolutely zero reverence for convention. The 'Fins' new offensive coordinator, Mularkey is a University of Florida graduate who played a short stint in the NFL as a tight end before becoming the Pittsburgh Steelers' offensive coordinator in 2001. It was in the steel city that Mularkey earned the nickname that sticks with him to this day: Inspector Gadget. In Pittsburgh, Mularkey designed a book of trick plays using Hines Ward and Antwan Randle-El. His dynamic offense earned him a top job with the Buffalo Bills in 2004, where Mularkey struggled for two years, finishing 9-7 in 2004 and 5-11 in 2005. In January, Mularkey resigned as the Bills' head coach, citing disagreements with team management, and signed up to become Nick Saban's offensive coordinator. If anyone has the ability to jumpstart Miami's sluggish offense, it's the 44-year-old Inspector Gadget. Besides, Mularkey has a good incentive: He's finally coaching his hometown team.

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