She had the whole world in her hands -- and then she had to take off her judge's robe. And her judge's panties. And, thus half-naked, she drunkenly ran around in a hotel hallway on Amelia Island during a legal conference. Then, as if that weren't enough, she filed a false report claiming she was sexually assaulted. It all happened this past December, and for a time, it looked like Broward Circuit Judge Joyce Julian's days on the bench would be numbered. She still faces potentially career-ending charges filed by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission, but considering the colossal embarrassment, she seems to have bounced back pretty well. She admitted to an alcohol problem and has been running a strong reelection campaign full of big contributions from Broward's influence peddlers. Julian was also transferred from criminal court to family court. An appropriate move, since everyone knows that problems like hers are best kept in the family.

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