Even Yosemite's great cliffs aren't much more of a stretch than the 4000 feet of climbing surface you'll find inside Coral Cliffs, where Florida's subtropical, flatter-than-Kansas geography doesn't matter a whit. Owner Robert Christenson used to climb in Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, and he learned two things: one, that it's safer to climb 4000 feet of rock wall if it's only 25 feet high (that's the height of his climbing wall, which has a rotating and variable surface offering climbs that range from beginning to advanced), and two, that he prefers the beach to the mountains. That's why he moved to Florida. But his shop includes everything you need for the real thing -- harnesses, carabiners, and rope (it's Sterling Dynamic in 50 to 60 meter lengths), shoes made by 5.10 and Boreal, and all the other climbing stuff. There's also basic instruction in how to belay, and in the skills of lead climbing, crack climbing, and others.

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