Imagine: A day at the races, but with you and up to nine of your closest -- or loopiest -- friends as the drivers. This dream can become reality at Moroso Motorsports Park, which is available for private rentals. But you'll pay dearly for the privilege of playing Paul Newman. Rates start at $1800 per day for up to four cars during the off-season (June 1 through August 31); during "the season" (September 1 through May 31), the base rate goes to $2000. Those extra buddies will cost you an additional $150 per car up to a maximum of ten (only one to three cars are allowed on the track at a time). Of course, there are a few other extras: A rescue unit including ambulance must be on standby, at a cost of $60 per hour, with a four-hour minimum. If you opt to have a fire truck on hand, it'll be $55 per hour with, once again, a four-hour minimum. In other words, we're talking anywhere from a little more than $2200 up to more than $3300, even more if you arrange for the park to cater your day of fun. And then there's that little matter of insurance. Moroso will help you determine the necessary amount beforehand. But hey, isn't it worth it to drive even faster than most of the lunatics on South Florida's roadways?

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