If flintlocks pull your trigger, hustle on down to Mark 1st Antiques on the corner of Dania Beach Boulevard and Federal Highway. In the modest, mural-splashed, one-story building anchoring the south end of the antique district, owner Mark Furst (get it?) presides over cases and racks packed with obsolete military technology, from World War II helmets to samurai armor. Amid the standard antique-shop clutter of silver plate, china, and jewelry stand displays of daggers and pistols. Exotically twisted swords and elaborate old rifles hang on the walls. But Furst doesn't carry homicidal hardware made after 1898, only the classic stuff. Half a century ago, Furst, who then lived in Chicago, bought an 1810 Russian pistol in Germany for $10 and discovered he could sell it back home for $50. In 1980, he moved his business to Dania, where -- assumedly -- he's been profiting ever since.

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