Markham Park
Look around and you'll notice we're a wee bit short on mountains round these parts. You'll also gather that the automobile reigns supreme -- otherwise why would we have given so much territory over to it? Tucked in here and there, however, are some very challenging places to get your wheels in the dirt. Markham Park is our favorite. For you weenies, er… novices, Markham offers easy trails with a few hills, a few rocks, and a turn or two. Intermediates get bigger hills, bigger rocks, and some wicked switchbacks. Advanced riders can confront what looks to be hell's own footpath: ruts, logs, loose gravel, and sharp turns. The best part about Markham is that all the trails are accessed off a main trail that winds around ponds and lakes filled with wading birds. If you get in over your head, you're never far from the main trail, where you can take a rest and contemplate the scenery while your buddies are huffing away.

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